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Photos by John Donaghey

Pictures from the late '60's submitted by John Donaghey (Don), STG3, [October '67 to November '68].

Dubbed "ship's artist" after painting this logo on both sides of the bridge. The Latin translates "Enemy Beware". It was painted underway, on the way down to GITMO, for a change in command. Assisted by Kenneth Reuter, another ping head. Ship's Logo

The transfer-at-sea's details have faded with time, but it was an exciting event to witness.
Transfer at sea picture
Here is a picture of John, taken while anchored off Naples. Maybe these pictures will jog some memories and he will hear from his old shipmates.

He would love to hear from you.
John Donaghey Picture

Thank you, John, for the fine memories from the late 60's.

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