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Ship's Store
This is the ONLY official USS CONYNGHAM store on the web.
Sales from this store directly support the USS CONYNGHAM Association.

This page shows items we have available in our Ship's store. Prices are subject to change.
Please contact our Ship's Store Operator, Kirk Williamson (see OFFICERS page), for up-to-date pricing availability and shipping costs.

The ship's store has a variety of items for sale. Most items are available at all times. This year we have a new vendor for the t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and we have added a jacket with embroidery or a ship's crest patch sewn on.

All clothing items (Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets), in a variety of sizes, colors and logos, can be directly ordered from: . This website will take payment and ship directly to you!
Should you choose not to electronically order items, you may reach the Ship's Storekeeper @ (707) 297-2370 or

If ordering a Jacket with ship's crest patch we will get one to her.
There will be a $4.50 charge plus S/H for the patch to the association.
It will add a few days to the order being filled.

100 DKN CAP-DK Navy, FULL BACK One size fits all, with adjustable snaps on rear.
(a) Snap-back Closure [OR] Latch and hook [Velcro] Closure.
(b) Ship's silhouette [OR] Shamrock.
Each $10.00

Pins, CDs and Placemats

Command book on CD, Cruise books on CD, Placemats and Chief Petty Officer Insignia pins.

Keychains and Bumper Stickers

Key Fobs and Bumper Stickers.

Challenge Coins and Lapel Pin

Plank Owner and Crew Member Challenge Coins and Ships Crest Hat/Lapel Pin.

Last Updated: 11/21/2019